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Programmes related to object includes protection of human right, Promotion of welfare ,improvement of environment, Agriculture, Nashamukti, Self employment etc. have been carried on since the establishment. The concept has been formulated to motivate and educate the People for the Purpose of achieving the goal based on local needs ,resourse and talent of the people. We shall adopt the technique of utilization of available resources for self–employment, self development and self perfection following “the path of right knowledge and awareness”

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Alcoholism and addiction to drugs like smack, Brown sugar, Opium, Cocaine etc. are damaging the human personality and threatening the very existence of the society. Drug addiction is a slow poison. In the words of Gandhi “Alcohol and intoxicants uproot the moral well being of the addicts.It is proved that drugs that resulted in more deaths, more impaired personalities etc


Corruption is a very big problem in many nations of the world – some would assert that it is becoming more extensive and more areas of development activity are being affected. Corruption is also becoming, de facto, an attack on governance as more and more of the rules under which nations are governed are breached with impunity.